Shipping a truck or machine involves a lot of work, such as administration, drawing up the right documents and, of course, delivery to the port. We can take care of this from A to Z. Derks Trucks has many years of experience with this and can handle this for you in a professional and fast way.


Derks Trucks can arrange the transport of your used truck or machine to its destination. At competitive rates, we can safely transport your truck or machine to the port or another final destination.
By means of our own low loaders and drivers, we can arrange this for you in the best way possible.

Export, customs and insurance

Derks Trucks is RDW certified. In case of export, your truck or machine usually has a temporary registration certificate and is not automatically insured. If desired, we can take out temporary transport insurance for you. We also take care of the correct export and customs documents for exports outside the EU.

Do you bring the vehicle to its destination yourself? If so, you must have an export registration number, which we can quickly arrange for you.